Digital transformation: you can’t out-slow the competition

By Todd on 29 Aug 2016

What business today is impervious to pressure from mounting expectations from increasingly powerful and digitally savvy customers? What businesses survive with an “out-slow the competition” strategy? None.
Surviving the digital transformation revolution means centralising customers’ expectations as a primary focus and taking technology by the horns and acting fast.

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Lean Experiments for day to day problems

By Satalyst Brilliance on 11 Feb 2016

Lean experimentation is one of the most important skills to develop to foster innovation. Lean experimentation enables the ability to deliver new ideas which are more likely to succeed and avoid investment in ideas which are unlikely to succeed.

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Requirements Elicitation Using Impact Mapping

By Satalyst Brilliance on 25 Jan 2016

Satalyst has had great success in employing the Agile methodology both with our customers and internally. Impact mapping was a next logical step for Satalyst to adopt in its Agile ventures to find new ways of delivering excellent business value to our customers.

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