Satalyst’s enterprise architect services provides you with a holistic view of your organisation’s strategy, processes, information and IT assets; helping ensure your business and IT are aligned.

Just like a corporate strategy, enterprise architecture must change over time to react or leverage the pressures and opportunities that arise.  In a world of constant change, organisations are becoming more agile, not only running-upon existing technology estate, but leveraging and growing with it to enable controlled business evolution.

The Satalyst approach focuses on people, processes and the organisation as a whole to offer a deep understanding of how technology impacts enterprise wide alignment, governance, and business processes. Our team approaches new implementations on a holistic level rather than on a project by project basis providing roadmaps, implementation guidance and a realistic plan as part of our service. Once defined, your enterprise architecture should provide a tangible insight into your organisation’s strategy, guiding projects and programs to ensure they meet your objectives and deliver the required value.

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