Rachel Coyne on 22 Apr 2016

Satalyst Tracker tracks 2000km Variety Cycle

Two weeks on a bike seat, cycling over 2,000 kilometres from Sydney to Rockhampton? The Variety Cycle is not for the languid.  But, if you take a look at Steven Raynor’s 12challenges12months.com campaign, languid he is not.  The epic ride, in support of children in need, raised over $600,000 this April and Satalyst proudly tracked Steven’s live progress during each of the 15 stages.


Steven Raynor Executive General Manager, Transformation at QBE

Steven Raynor Executive General Manager, Transformation at QBE

Steven, Executive General Manager, Transformation at QBE Insurance, first heard of the Satalyst Tracker from media generated from its use at the Tour of Margaret River and the 2016 Santos Tour Down Under. The innovation and simplicity of the solution intrigued Steven and he reached out to Satalyst to learn more and see if it could be used to track his 2,000km journey for the 2016 Variety Cycle ride.


A solution built and hosted in the cloud, the Satalyst Tracker doesn’t require expensive hardware; just compatible devices and internet access. Apart from Steven being in Sydney and Satalyst in Perth, there was minimal hindrance to setting up Steven to be tracked for his epic 15-day ride.  As a mobile phone enabled app, the Tracker uses advanced Microsoft Azure cloud technology to remotely monitor and report on the real-time location and performance of the tracked rider. The Tracker can pair with any existing ANT+ compatible sensors carried on bikes and by cyclists, such as heart rate monitors and power meters.

Steven was only using a heat rate monitor for The Variety Cycle, but this together with the phone’s GPS, meant Steven’s location, speed, heart rate and elevation could be reported in real-time for as long as he had the Tracker operating. Using low power ANT+ wireless protocol meant the phone’s battery sustained the Tracker during the ride and the transmission of the data in real-time using 3G/4G links to Microsoft’s Azure cloud. The data was crunched and presented on a website able to be viewed on any internet enabled device.

Satalyst Tracker website - The Variety Cycle - Steven Raynor

Satalyst Tracker website – The Variety Cycle – Steven Raynor

Tracking Steven’s progress over the 15-day ride and showing his real-time position on a map gave his supporters a new insight into his journey.  No longer did they need to guess where he was or how he was going.  They could watch on the Satalyst Tracker website in real-time where he was located, his heart-rate, how fast he was travelling and how many tough hills he had to climb.

Steven Raynor - The Variety Cycle

Steven Raynor – The Variety Cycle

Both Steven and the Tracker performed exceptionally well throughout the two-week ride.  It has been an absolute pleasure working with Steven and being involved with The Variety Cycle and we look forward to working together in the future.

In the meantime, log on to the http://tracker.satalyst.com/ on 29 April 2016 to watch live tracking of the ONE Pro Cycling team at the Tour de Yorkshire.