Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

Azure Machine Learning (ML) is a fully-managed cloud service for predictive analytics.

With a data driven approach to problem solving – ML is the science of building systems that automatically learn from data.   Hidden patterns and trends present within data are first detected and then leveraged to help make better decisions moving forward. This process of automatically learning from data and in turn using that acquired knowledge to inform future decisions is extremely powerful. Indeed, machine learning is rapidly becoming the engine which powers the modern data-driven economy.

Every day, humans use data in the form of past experiences to make decisions. In that same spirit, machine learning employs past data in the form of sets of numerical and categorical attributes about past events to train automated systems to make accurate decisions when future events occur. In the business world, the ML approach to decision making is able to solve a wide range of business problems, from fraud detection, customer targeting and product recommendation to real-time industrial monitoring, sentiment analysis and demand forecasting. ML allows traditionally labour intensive tasks to be automated, enabling faster and higher throughput decision making.

By leveraging the cloud, Azure Machine Learning makes machine learning more accessible to a much broader audience. Predicting future outcomes is now attainable.

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