Todd on 01 Jul 2016

“Fun with Azure” – special WPC episode

Having fun with Azure with special guest Gary Duffield.

Gary Duffield

Gary Duffield

Gary is the Director of Strategic Alliances with Dimension Data Learning Solutions (DDLS). A good friend of Satalyst and a fellow Microsoft Gold Partner, DDLS has won the global 2016 Microsoft Learning Partner Award.

In this special episode of “Fun with Azure”, we talk to Gary about the Microsoft World Partner Conference.  Along with DDLS, Satalyst is participating in this epic conference taking place on July 10-14 in Toronto, the capital city of Ontario, Canada.

Gary shares some tips and insights from his extensive WPC experience (dating back to 1999) and wraps up with his take on how he’s seen Azure evolve in the learning services industry.

Click here to view the video:

Fun with Azure – special WPC episode


For more information about the 2016 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, please, visit the official website.