Satalyst’s Location Enabled Tracking use advanced cloud and IoT technology.

Highly customisable for a variety of tracking scenarios, the technology collects data from remote and/or mobile devices. The solution processes data in real time using advanced cloud analytics and reports back on current location and performance metrics of the asset/s being monitored. Data insights are dynamically published to web user interfaces, customised reporting dashboards, television broadcasts, or fed back into existing business systems.

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Those capturing and exploiting data to gain unprecedented insights to make intelligent predictions and decision are gaining competitive advantage. From operational performance optimisation and predictive maintenance scheduling to real time monitoring of a international cycling race, the Satalyst Tracker has application in a broad variety of scenarios.

Satalyst specialised in advanced cloud, IoT, and analytics and can provide and end to end solution using our IP for Location Enabled Tracking.

We handle:

  • Deployment of devices and sensors
  • Capture of data from devices and sensors
  • Storing and analysing streamed data
  • Integration to ERP or other enterprise systems
  • Customised dashboard reporting
  • Ongoing support and managed services

Data is everywhere and the scenarios for analytics are endless. But without the deployment of sensors, there’s nothing to capture, and without data, analytics is impossible.

Let Satalyst build you a complete solution.

Please get in contact with us to discuss your data or asset tracking challenges or opportunities. We’d love to hear from you.