Todd on 02 Aug 2016

Need help getting the most out of your CRM?

A great Customer Relationship Management system will be your competitive advantage

You’ve made the investment, but think you’re not getting the most out your CRM?

There’s a very common situation where an organisation finally decides that it’s time to get a Customer Relationship Management system so they can better market their offerings, increase sales and customer satisfaction and then provide truly great customer service.

The steps sound simple. Pick a CRM, get it deployed and configured, get some training and away you go. If only it was that simple.

Like when you first learnt to drive a car, it felt awkward. Trying to change the gears, turn the steering wheel and watch the road all at the same time just didn’t feel natural. It took some time but with some practice and persistence, driving your car became instinctive. Getting used to a CRM system is essentially the same.

Need help?

Yes, you did get training, but you forgot how to Qualify a Lead or Track an Email. Even some of the custom fields seem in the wrong place or a workflow sends an email when you didn’t expect it. And, we haven’t even considered customising Dashboards, Charts and Reporting. How do you even do that?

Satalyst can help

We have over 10 years’ experience delivering and supporting Microsoft Dynamics CRM based solutions and getting the most out of your CRM and helping you do more is what we do.

Want to talk to someone who can talk about the business outcomes rather than just the technology?

Please contact us for information on the services we can provide so that you can finally get the most out of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system.