Master Group (Australia) Pty Ltd

An Enterprise Architecture review provides Master Group with a holistic view of its strategy, processes, information and IT assets and provides a road map to ensure the identified Target State is reached over a five year period.

mastergroup_750x342-compressor-300x136 (2)Master Group (Australia) has a bold business plan over the next five years.  Its core business objectives is to move from an IT service provider to a software development house and become the market leader in its targeted segmentation.

With the development of the 20/20 business decision making product (case study), Master Group recognised it would need to adapt its business and technology to support the commercial release of the product and to underpin the strategic plan.

Master Group engaged Satalyst to perform an Enterprise Architecture review and provide advice and guidance on how its business needs to change for the next five years. With a commercial release target in second half of 2015, a key consideration was to complete the review in a timely manner, without sacrificing quality and not spending time on low business value tasks. Satalyst’s TOGAF® certified architects adapted the TOGAF Enterprise Architecture methodology to iteratively develop an Enterprise Architecture that provides the business agility the Master Group leadership team requires.

The Satalyst team started by gathering the current state of the organisation by examining the Business Architecture (functions, services, information and processes), Data Architecture (logical data and data flows), Application Architecture (deployed software, and integrations) and the Technology Architecture (hardware and networking).

With a thorough understanding of the current state of the Master Group business in hand, the Satalyst team facilitated workshops with key stakeholders from the business to understand the vision for the future. The Satalyst team did this through a series of facilitated workshops, SWOT analysis and Impact Mapping sessions.

Finally, the Satalyst team compiled a series of Transition Architectures that provide a roadmap for Master Group to follow over the next few years to help move the organisation from the Current State to the Target State identified. To support the transition map, an agreed set of guiding Architectural Principles were also established to help guide future architectural engagements.

As a result of this work, Master Group now has a holistic view of its strategy, processes, information and IT assets.  It also has a documented road map and guiding principles to follow to ensure the business and IT remain aligned and the identified Target State is reached.

If you have similar requirements in your business and would like further information about Satalyst and its services, please contact us.

Satalyst has been a crucial partner in moving Master Group forward and helping us achieve our strategic business goals. Satalyst has been working with us for over five years now and in addition to the technical knowledge and experience Satalyst staff bring, they have also provided excellent process and business change support and coaching to myself and my team. Satalyst takes the time to really understand our business and ensures that the solutions implemented today will be flexible and adapt to our business as it changes and grows.

David Egerton-Warburton,
Managing Director, Master Group