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Business benefit realisation surpassed all expectations demonstrating a continued and significant uplift in sales and revenue.

RACWA_FTB_BLOG-thumb-350x354-126586To remain competitive in the insurance market, RAC Insurance committed to developing and enhancing its web offering. One of RAC Insurance’s key corporate strategies is to enrich and extend online functionality to enhance member relationships and the service experience. A secondary strategy is to drive down operational costs and improve sales efficiency.

A strong business to consumer (B2C) platform supports the strategy by having an online customer interface offering a broad range of readily accessible products that are easy to understand and easy to purchase.  Furthermore, a successful customer online experience encourages consumers to utilise the web application rather than contact the call centre.

Satalyst commenced this custom B2C work in 2011 and subsequently, RAC Insurance’s B2C platform was Australia’s first integrated online claims application enabling consumers to lodge claims online.  The work has been carried out in 4 phases, with the final phase due for completion mid 2015.

Phase 1 of the implementation was to provide policy quote and purchase functionality which was fully integrated into the core insurance application. This was delivered in November 2010.

Phase 2 was an implementation to migrate the claims lodgement process onto the B2C platform and fully integrate the process to the core insurance application.  This allowed customers to lodge claims online and was the first integrated online claims offering in Australia.  Motor Vehicle claims lodgement was delivered in June 2011 and Building & Contents claims lodgement was delivered in February 2012.

The implemented claims lodgement changes had an immediate effect of a significant reduction in the manual handling of claims. Several aspects of core RAC Insurance activities were positively impacted.

Phase 3 was developed to improve the B2C offering to increase the conversion rate and migrate more customers from the call centre and increase market share. In particular, the website was upgraded to include responsive web design allowing customers to use desktop and mobile devices. During this phase, the site was also rebranded with the new RAC Insurance branding.

The new rebranded B2C Motor Quote to Purchase functionality went live in Oct 2013. Business benefit realisation surpassed all expectations and demonstrated a continued and significant uplift in sales and revenue.  A large portion of the uplift was new business increasing real revenue to RAC Insurance. Further uplift also resulted from call centre sales channel migration to online sales which was also a business objective.

The B2C channel continues to exceed expectations and progression is being made into phase 4 of the RAC Insurance digital strategy. Phase 4 will continue to expand the B2C offering and enhance the online experience for RACI members. This phase is due to deliver the first release by June 2015.

To see our work go to www.rac.com.au/Insurance and click on “Get a Quote”

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